Geremy Gonzales
Web Developer
Geremy is a Web Developer at Project Assistant who specializes on front-end development. Most of the time he works on mobile responsive coding, making sure our websites are fluid and stay ship-shape in this vast modern mobile world. He’s also our go-to guy for email templates in MailChimp and Act-on.

He is a real funny guy with a great talent for making people laugh in the office. No one can hold back laughter when Geremy throws one of his jokes! He also loves to read Manga novels and watch anime episodes.


Bootstrap 3 vs Bootstrap 4 : Updates?

Bootstrap is a popular CSS Framework for making responsive websites and has been around for years. Most recently, Bootstrap 4, is finally released and ready for use. What are the differences between Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4? Which version is more efficient for developers and clients? Is it wort ...

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Why is it Important to have SSL Certificate on Your Site?

Security is always top of the list once it comes to website maintenance and user experience. With so much information on the internet, people have become careful with how it is sent and received. To address this concern, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates come in to make sure a secure connectio ...

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What is Responsive Web Design?

Mobile Internet usage is increasing steadily, so it's extremely important that your website is mobile friendly. Some businesses have websites designed for desktop users and another site specifically developed for mobile users. But, is it possible to have one site that is equally favorable for both d ...

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Bootstrap for Beginners Tutorial

Make Your Site Mobile Responsive with Bootstrap Nowadays, owning a smartphone is the norm and they have become communication essentials in our day to day lives. This means more and more people are using mobile devices to view web sites. This has lead to the evolution of website development to cate ...

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