Johannah Miranda
Johannah is a Web Developer-turned-Project Manager at Project Assistant. She brings in the sunshine for the night-shift and can turn up the hype in the office with her antics and laughter.

During her lunch breaks, she loves to read ebooks on her phone, catch up on animes, tv dramas and movie trailers on youtube. She loves take-out/delivery and believes that food that smells good, taste even better….and she passionately hates zombies.


3 Essential Skills for Project Managers

A year ago, before I became one of Project Assistant's project managers, I stopped to wonder once in a while, what it was like to be one. Because to the outside eye, it looked like they just opened emails, created tasks, assigned them to developers or designers and have calls with clients. Like how ...

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Parallax Scrolling: Latest Web Development Trend

Ever since the launch of Twitter in 2006, the word #trending has become the new “it-talk” of the century. The cyber world of social media has been brought up to a whole new level. Today, if you want to know the latest and hottest topics of talk you can just check it out on Twitter. But twitter t ...

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Presentation is Key: CSS

Over the years, the internet has become a vehicle for revenue generation - used to increase exposure to a larger number of people creating a larger customer base, enabling businesses to generate revenue. It is no wonder why many businesses want to join the E-commerce community. Advertising and Affil ...

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How to Create Configurable Products in Magento

Follow these Four Simple Steps to create Configurable Products in Magento In every e-commerce site, the products are the main center of attention. It's what attracts the customers thus, every detail is important. Being able to properly display your products with their information to your customers ...

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