Tope Mateo
Tope is a Junior Mobile App Developer at Project Assistant who specialized in finding and fixing bugs on both frontend and backend for mobile apps. Sometimes he would go deeper on finding these bugs on the server side just to make sure that the mobile application is running smoothly. He is shy and introverted, and with 2 cups of coffee he manages to hold up on the daily grind ( 3 if you include overtime hours). His hobbies include reading, eating, Gunpla building, playing/watching video games and watching movies.


Kotlin, What’s New to Android Development

Kotlin, another programming language for mobile applications developments, is not recent news since it first appeared in 2011. But then the stable release was available in 2017, making it usable for developers, young and old. It’s currently supported by the Android Studio IDE v3.0, the IDe famou ...

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How Can Chatbots Help in My Life?

You've probably heard of Siri, Cortana or Alexa. These AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are called chatbots and they have found a place in many parts of the online world, automating the way people interact with each other. How? In short, AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to convert what ...

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