Nana Measures
Nana is the all-around artisan at Project Assistant. She’s our Operations Manager and is excellent at cloning herself to do five things at once. Although she may be shorter than most people in the office, her lack in height is made up for by her determination to get the job done.

Nana is usually the first person to invite everyone to grab a bite after work or to pickup the phone and order takeout. She’s also crazy about dogs and thinks they are better than some humans.


Scheduling Posts on Social Media

Social Media Marketing used to be something we’d just consider in a marketing plan. It used to be a few posts here and there just to keep up with the whole “fad”. Today, establishing a presence on Social Media is a huge chunk of a marketing plan and it requires its own strategy. Huge brands sp ...

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Schema Markup for Better SEO

Schema Markup has been around for a couple of years now but it still hasn’t become a common norm to use it. Schema Markup is a common standard of structured data used to assign content with labels that describe what the content means rather than just what it says. This helps search engines underst ...

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The Basics of Instagram for Business

Instagram has over 300 million users who post up to 70 million photos every day. There’s no wonder using Instagram for business has been a favorite method of many social media marketers for reaching target audiences in the most effective way: VISUALLY. The app’s easy search through hashtags and ...

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A Quick Guide to Social Media for Businesses

Establishing a social media presence for your business allows you to interact with your target market on a platform they frequent. You create a more personal relationship between you and your customers. However, reaching out to them isn’t as simple as clicking publish on a post. Social Media co ...

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Debunking Content Marketing Myths

Content Marketing Myths often lead to content marketing being misunderstood. There are many people out there who create content or avail of content marketing services without a full comprehension of how it works and how long it takes before you see the effects. Origins of Content Marketing Myths: T ...

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Top 3 Social Media Marketing Essentials

Ever since the birth of Facebook in 2004, social networking has become a part of the daily lives of over 2 billion people. Combined with fast evolving technology, more and more people have access to the Internet over laptops, tablet and mobile phones. The vast increase in smartphone users all around ...

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The Secrets Behind Attention-Grabbing Websites

The world wide web is getting bigger and bigger which means making your website stand out is even harder. It also doesn’t help that in this digital age, humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. With the evolution of smartphones, our brains have developed to handle extreme multitaskin ...

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10 Tips for Content Marketing Writers

Being a Content Marketing Writer isn't easy. Get a head-start with these 10 tips. Content Marketing is a strategic method boosting website traffic and attracting users to a site by creating informative content that is relevant to the target audience. Its many forms blogs, press releases, newsletter ...

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