Ryan Jumeras
System Admin
Ryan is a great comedian and ice breaker. There is never a dull moment when he’s around. He’s probably the funniest Systems Administrator out there. In the middle of setting up staging servers or a dull afternoon at the office, he’ll always find something witty and clever to say to brighten up the mood. Days are definitely more lively with Ryan.


Monit for Monitoring and Managing Servers

What is Monit? Monit is an Open Source utility that manages and monitors servers (Unix systems) that conduct automatic maintenance, repair and execute meaningful causal actions in server errors or situations. It became popular because it supports Ruby on Rails when there was a need for a tool to ma ...

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Do you need Project Management Software?

The Importance of Project Management Software A company cannot be organized well if there is no discrete timeline on projects that will be done within specific spans of time. A project management software enables the company to assign tasks, monitor updates and ensure that projects are done before ...

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Automate Your Life with Internet of Everything and Arduino

Technology plays a huge role in the routine of our day to day lives. Whether is it communicating with people or keeping ourselves entertained, we can't deny the fact that our smart phones, tablets and the internet have become necessities in our lives. But what if you could take it to the next level ...

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