How Can Chatbots Help in My Life?

You’ve probably heard of Siri, Cortana or Alexa. These AI Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools are called chatbots and they have found a place in many parts of the online world, automating the way people interact with each other. How? In short, AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to convert what you say/write into instructions that computers will interact with.

The capabilities of chatbots have been improving as chatbots learn more words and their meanings/applications. This article will list some of the amazing things chatbots have accomplished.

Call and Text

Most of you may already interacted with chatbot technology to some degree. With Chatbot’s assistance, you can fetch your phone contacts and text or call them with minimum effort. Just by telling who to contact it will start the call or wait for a message to send.  Busy with your hands to press your phone? That’s no problem for Siri! Activate Siri by calling its name and it will listen. You can ask it to call or message anyone from your contacts with a voice command.

Note Taking

Chatbots can keep a hold of your notes, lists, recipes, schedules and more so you no longer need to worry about writing down notes and scavenging around to find them.  Need to schedule an interview at 10 am or create a shopping list? There are many solutions to make this super easy by just talking out-loud.

Automate your House to create a ‘Smart Home ‘

Alexa is a prime example of these kinds of chatbots. Connect Alexa to almost every ‘smart’ electronic device in your home to command Alexa to do numerous things in your house.

If you need to turn on a light, ask for it to be on and Alexa will do it. How about some music to liven things up? Just ask Alexa to play a song. If you have mechanical curtains, close and open them without lifting a finger.

Problem Solver

When you have simple problems that need fast answers, chatbots can help too! Just ask what you want to know and it will find the best answer for you from the internet.

Let’s say that you are cooking and you need to change the measurements from ounces to grams. Google Assistant can help with that!  With Google Home or any Android device, just say, ‘Hey Google, convert… ‘ and it will do some quick math for you.


Many chatbots let you talk with them. Some even can crack a joke or two. Siri is coded with some joke replies to entertain the user.  No one to tell you a joke?  Ask Eivebot, Cleverbot, Brainbot, and others for a non-human chat to pass the time.

Language Learning

Do you want to learn foreign languages? Mobile applications with built-in chatbots have now the ability to teach new languages. Apps like Duolingo and Memrise are available on the App/Play Store for download. These apps can simulate a normal conversation and scenarios for the users to practice with.

In Conclusion

Chatbots are a wonderful technology that has been made for us to use for our lives. So what do you think? Do they seem useful for people’s lives or is it just a fad. Either way, they are really amazing pieces of tech.

Tope Mateo

Tope is a Junior Mobile App Developer at Project Assistant who specialized in finding and fixing bugs on both frontend and backend for mobile apps. Sometimes he would go deeper on finding these bugs on the server side just to make sure that the mobile application is running smoothly. He is shy and introverted, and with 2 cups of coffee he manages to hold up on the daily grind ( 3 if you include overtime hours). His hobbies include reading, eating, Gunpla building, playing/watching video games and watching movies.