Adding a Scent Trail to Your Business Online

Can your business be found anywhere on the internet?

Somewhere, someone online is looking for exactly what you have to offer. Problem is, they can’t find you!!! Yes, you may have an attractive informative website, but can it easily be found online? Simply having a website is not enough for your business to be successful online. If it’s not gaining traffic, it’s like car without fuel.

Putting your business online and making it searchable allows you to compete at a local level, national level and international level. At Project Assistant, we’ll setup an online presence that will lure in more customers, helping make your business successful. Think of it as creating the irresistible smell of freshly baked pizza that we follow to the pizzeria.

Vital Online Marketing Strategies for Local Business

By incorporating a SEO strategy for your local businesses will not only increase traffic on your business’ website but at your storefront as well. For some business owners, it may sound confusing and you may feel unsure where to begin. Project Assistant’s team of SEO Specialists are here as your assistants. We’re here to implement our expertise to help local businesses like yours succeed not only online but also offline.

Here are the  local SEO strategies that have helped our clients achieve success online.

1. Claiming your business listing and gaining customer reviews online

It’s like a digital scent trail to your presence online. We help businesses get the best aroma for their online presence.

2. Setting up Online Presence.

Customer engagement online is very beneficial especially with customers under the age of 30 . This demographic is accustomed to posting about their experiences and their thoughts about brands online. We build and manage your social media accounts and let you know what people are thinking about your business. We’ll also listen to their thoughts and get familiar with their behavior, to maximize the opportunity to market your brand to the potential customer.

3. Don’t Hesitate to Ask.

Does it make sense to ask your customer for a review after the end of the transaction? YES! It lets your customer know that you are taking their experience with you seriously and value their opinions. We are here to regularly check all feedback and report it to you so you can continually improve your operations.

4. Paying attention to the customer reviews.

As business owner, your major priority is making your customers happy so that they are satisfied and speak highly of your business. Reviews are best way to listen to your customers’ experiences and get an understanding for their expectations. You can rely on us to monitor all the reviews and resolve any issues as soon as possible to avoid them swelling up into nasty negative reviews. We will assist you with managing and reaching out to negative reviewers directly and correctly.

5. It’s All a Number Game.

Creating the best aroma for your online presence is a number game. The goal is to gain more GOOD reviews rather than bad reviews. So focus on giving the best products and service to your customers and we will handle the technical and chemical composition of your online scent trail.

Lynie Tinguban

Lynie is an SEO expert and social media guru. She’s always made sure our client got their businesses where they wanted to be online. Even when she's working hard, Lynie is a ball of sunshine. She’s always happy and is guaranteed to make everyone smile or laugh at one of her quirky jokes. Everyone at the office just loves her.