Debunking Content Marketing Myths

Content Marketing Myths often lead to content marketing being misunderstood. There are many people out there who create content or avail of content marketing services without a full comprehension of how it works and how long it takes before you see the effects.

Origins of Content Marketing Myths: The Process Most People See

First you create the strategically planned content that looks great and is jampacked with useful information your target audience will love. Then you share the content on a platform that will put it right in front of your target audience like email campaigns, Facebook, YouTube or any other form of social media. When your target audience sees your cleverly crafted content, they’ll be drawn to your website and want to sign up or purchase your products.

Sounds correct, right? Well not entirely. If content marketing were as simple as that, everybody would be doing it. There would be nothing special and no strategy behind crafting and posting the content. Which is why it is important to understand how content marketing really works nstead of falling for content marketing myths. Only then will you know what to expect as a client or a writer.

Dealing with Content Marketing Expectations

A lot of people think the main reason you put content out there is to get people to buy your product or sign up for your services. This is the biggest misconception that greatly affects how writers and clients approach content marketing. It’s so much more than that,.

How Content Marketing Actually Works

So, you want to learn how to create that killer blog post that will single-handedly convert your target audience into consumers. Reality is that killer blog post doesn’t exist. Well at least it doesn’t exist on its own.

Content Marketing is all about building your brand’s presence by providing consistent reliable information that is relevant to your target market and related to your product or service. It’s about creating a lasting image for your brand so people will remember you beyond the fads and trends.

Remember the process above? As I said it’s not entirely correct. Content Marketing actually works by repeating the first and second step over and over again. Record how your target audience responds to what, when, where and how you post. Eventually you’ll find out the best way to reach them while building a positive image because you’ll constantly be editing your content to suit what they find interesting.

So you see now that those one-shot killer blog posts are actually myths. The truth is that they are backed by a ton of supportive posts that are pushing your brand out there until you get noticed. People hardly ever react immediately if you try to sell to them directly. You have to work your way into staying relevant. It’s a lot of work but you’re actually building a positive interpretation of yourself which leads to a positive association with your brand.

The Content Marketing Myths have beed debunked. Now that you have a better understanding about how content marketing works, rethink your content marketing strategy. Here are a few things you should remember

  • Content Marketing requires a lot of effort. Research and plan the type and timing of your content so that you keep things organized and relevant. Always keep an eye out for your target market’s behavior so you can find a way to make your brand related to their trends.
  • Content Marketing takes time. Don’t give up because you don’t see immediate results. Be prepared to be patient. Always remember to measure the effects so you can adjust and plan your marketing accordingly.
  • Content Marketing doesn’t always mean viral. People are hung up on the idea of going viral and being a phenomenal sensation. Consider the SEO behind it. Viral videos/posts often don’t use keywords, targeted personalization or build links back to the original content we want to sell.
  • Content Marketing is important too. Don’t neglect it just because it isn’t as outrightly visible as a billboard. It’s more sophisticated, strategic and lasts longer. Think of it as slowly infiltrating people’s minds and leaving a mark.

There’s definitely a lot more behind it than most people see at first glance. If you’re still confused or doubting whether the time you’re investing into this, don’t hesitate asking for professional help. At Project Assistant we have a team of SEO Specialists, Marketers and Content Writers who can tailor posts and media to suit your business. We’ll do everything from research, writing to even measuring the results all so that you don’t have to. We like to make things easy so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

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