Organic Reach, Likes and Engagement on Facebook

Yes, it is possible! There is a way to get FREE organic reach, likes and engagement on Facebook without spending a penny. Below are some essential tactics and tools to build an interactive audience on Facebook without running any paid ads.

1. Build your content buckets.

This is easy to implement and is focused more on organizing what to post on your Facebook page.

Social Media Content such as:

  • Motivational and inspirational posts
  • Any tips that are related to your niche
  • Humorous content (Jokes, Bloopers, Memes)
  • Relatable content, this can be news or trends within your niche
  • Testimonials regarding your business
  • Highlight your fans
  • Personal Stuff or Company Happenings, this can be from your blog post
  • Your marketing message.

The rule is to use more visually appealing and stunning text content. Here is a list of words that attract visitors to click on and suggest engagement on Facebook with your content.


2. Share the proven content

Proven content is content that has been proven to perform successfully in front of your target audience. Use data and insights about your own posts to see what is working for your audience. Look at your own Facebook Page Insights to see which of your posts performs the best and check out the competition to see what’s working for them too! Here’s how:

Use the tactical advantage of Facebook Insights

Just go to Insights -> Post and examine the time of day where your audience is most active. You can also check each post to see what type of contents is most popular by sorting the Reach metrics to display what post has highest reach and the most popular with numerous likes, shares and comments. Try resharing that content, creating something similar or revising it based on what you think will attract your audience even more.

How to find proven content from your competitors or other Facebook Pages

One very cool tool is Post Planner. Discover amazing and sharable content within your niche with this tool. It’s a must try tool for social media management.

Here’s sneak peek of Post Planner features:

  • Manage your own content buckets
  • Serves as your guide to build your own original content.
  • Pull popular posts from the pages you’ve put in your own bucket. Then you can share them on your own page.
  • Retrieve popular questions, trivia from the internet and post it on your page. From there question you can be creative and make an infographic, text, or image from the question’s results.
  • Take a concept from proven content and see how you can apply it to your business. Then, try to create your own original content out of it.

3. Crush your competition with videos.

Keep videos short and interesting for best results. Just TELL the STORY! Sell an experience or an adventure. Here’s a guide and recommendations for creating videos for Facebook. Don’t forget to use a Call To Action.

4. Social Media Content Generation Tools

  • Create an amazing short video using your smart phone. They can either be short tutorials or funny clips that are super shareable.

Here are my favorite ways to create visually appealing content:

  • Canva– as their slogan says you can create amazing simple graphics with this platform. Canva has fun templates that you can easily edit by simply dragging and dropping from the image library
  • Wordswag and Studio Design – Add awesome typography or text to your photos in an instant with these mobile apps
  • Pictaculous – This site tells you what color palettes work best with your image.
  • Pic Monkey – Edit your images online and add depth with filters and editing tools.

Best Sites for FREE Stock Images

Picography Pixabay Picjumbo Superfamous Creative Commons Search
Free Images Unsplash Life of Pix Splitshire
StockSnap Pexels Kaboompics DesignersPics

In the end, organic likes and engagement on Facebook all boils down to…

These methods are just part of what really gets you the organic likes and engagement on Facebook. What it all really boils down to is how well you know and understand your target audience. Keep their interests and behavior in mind when you select or create your content for sharing. The better you understand what speaks to your target audience, the better you’ll be able to captivate their attention and draw them to your site.

Lynie Tinguban

Lynie is an SEO expert and social media guru. She’s always made sure our client got their businesses where they wanted to be online. Even when she's working hard, Lynie is a ball of sunshine. She’s always happy and is guaranteed to make everyone smile or laugh at one of her quirky jokes. Everyone at the office just loves her.