The Secrets Behind Attention-Grabbing Websites

The world wide web is getting bigger and bigger which means making your website stand out is even harder. It also doesn’t help that in this digital age, humans now have shorter attention spans than goldfish. With the evolution of smartphones, our brains have developed to handle extreme multitasking and we now want everything fast, short and useful.
Secrets Behind Attention-Grabbing Websites

Capturing your target audience’s attention is a crucial part of online marketing. You need to make sure you get them hooked first before you can deliver your message. But are people’s short attention spans really the challenge or is it creating high-quality website content interesting enough to keep people entertained? It’s a little bit of both and here are a few secrets behind catching your visitors’ attention and keeping them on your site.


It’s all about the brain

Human brains can’t pay attention to everything, we aren’t wired like that. Our focus is limited and we naturally select to pay attention to things that are different, intriguing or new to us. It’s hardwired in us so that we can detect unusual things that may be causes of danger. It’s part of human survival. We’ve just adapted this to how we judge things that are boring or ordinary versus things that are captivating or thrilling.

Everyone loves seeing things for the first time. Think of new ways to present information on your site. Try infographics or creative diagrams to explain topics instead of the usual enumerated sentence. This breaks up the normal blocks of text that people expect to see. Make your site a novelty, something that’s quirky. It will keep people entertained and help them remember you.
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Readers are Lazy, Make it Easy

Write with lazy people in mind. Even if you believe your target audience is highly educated and likes to read, you can’t expect them to read everything on your site. Use common words that everyone understands so that you can deliver your pitch as clearly and quickly as possible. Using similar words also makes you more relatable. Big words or industry jargon can create a barrier between you and the reader.

The way you format your text also affects how it grasps people’s attention. Seeing large blocks of text can instantly turn people away. Split them up or paraphrase shorter paragraphs. The order you present them is also crucial. People practice F-shaped reading when they browse websites. This means the first paragraph receives the majority of attention, the second a little less and the remaining are just scanned through. Utilize catchy headers, bolds, italics, hyperlinks and highlights to break monotonous blocks and draw attention throughout your text.

You should never take your website content for granted. If you’re unsure what to write on your site, talk to a web Content Writer or Copywriter. They’ll help you take your ideas and compact them into bite-sized nuggets of valuable information that your readers will devour without second guessing, perhaps even making them want more.

Visitors will judge your site at first sight

The design of your site in another factor that affects how well you retain your visitor’s attention. Your site has to be organized, artistic and clearly display your message. Avoid distracting graphics or unnecessary images. Make sure that everything is cohesive and does not draw attention away from what you’re trying to say.

It’s always a good idea to hire or consult with a professional Web Designer when it comes to your site’s layout and design. A Web Designer can guide you and give you some practical advice as to what may or may not work for your site based on your content and target audience.


Get their attention, follow it through

The next step, and most crucial is converting your site visitors into customers. You need to carefully plan the flow of your site and how your visitors will navigate from whatever it was they found interesting all the way to the Call-To-Action on your site. It has to be seamless and keep their attention but you have to be quick about it. Again, distraction is your enemy.
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Your web content and layout need to be cohesive and on point with your online marketing plan. If everything is connected, you’ll have no problem reeling in your target market and convincing them they should choose you.


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