Who does React Native Benefit?

Mobile phones are the very centers of our daily lives. We need them just as we need air to breathe. Sounds cliché? For sure. But that is the actual truth. And it is also the prime reason why businesses are exploiting the mobile application platform to the hilt. But often they get confused about how to offer it. Whether to provide their customers with a mobile application which has an unbeatable UX (User Experience) and exceptional UI (User Interface) or an app which is quick to develop and compatible with several platforms? React Native Development could be the answer to this dilemma. Benefits of React Native, are fast making it a mobile application framework of choice. Hands down it serves all the needs and delivers outstanding results.

React Native – What Is It?

Developed by Facebook, React Native is an open-source mobile application development framework. It lets you build applications for iOS, Android, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Using JavaScript and the same design as React, it gives you the liberty to design an application that suits all tastes and mediums. The best part is that you code just once and the app is instantly available for all the mediums.

Who All Are Using React Native?

React Native has not become an application development tool of choice without valid reasons. Its multi-platform support, reusability of code, ease of integration, and exceptional user interface along with many other aspects has made it popular even amongst the prominent and reputed companies. Some big enterprises using React Native are:

  • Facebook
  • Bloomberg
  • Airbnb (Sunset)
  • Walmart
  • Tesla

Benefits Of React Native

It should come across as no surprise when you see the hordes of multinationals using React Native to develop their app(s). It is one of the most progressive technologies available today which blends both traditional and modern methods to give unsurpassable output. The reason behind its unanimous success lies in how well it caters to both the developers and the users.

  • Pocket-Friendly – It’s no secret that every company wants to squeeze the last drop out of every penny. They want all the benefits at the least possible expense. React Native is today’s most pocket-friendly application development framework. It reduces the development efforts by almost 50% without compromising on either productivity or quality. Since the majority of the code for the popular platforms, iOS, and Android, is common (almost 95%), one does not have to choose between the two. You can launch the application simultaneously and bring about remarkable savings.
  • Reusable Code And Popular Across All Platforms – Using React Native, you can build an app to work on multiple platforms. 95% of the codebase remains common and hence can be shared with minimal additional work to make it compatible on Android, iOS, or UWP. No extra knowledge sharing is called for as the same team can develop and implement the app for different platforms. Even an already existing app, if built with Ionic and Cordova code, can incorporate the components of React Native. Isn’t it wonderful that you can reuse your existing app? If your developers have expertise in JavaScript, they can use React Native with minimum fuss. It renders learning Android Java and iOS Swift meaningless.
  • Performance Par Excellence – React Native gives outstanding performance each time and every time. It allows the conversion of code to native views prior to rendering, which makes for smooth animations. Additionally, the UI design can be made to be platform specific. That is not the end of good tidings. The same automation suite can run on Android and iOS, thereby bringing an end to the holy war of choosing between the two. The time to market an app developed using React Native is relatively fast, giving the developing company complete control over the release dates.
  • Perform Like Native App – React Native is made up of reusable native components. Therefore, its building blocks compile to the native platform. And for this very reason, it does away with the need to use the Webview system components. Fundamental components used in iOS and Android are fully compatible with React. Hence, the application performs like a native app with full functionality, look and above all speed. React Native makes developing apps super-fast and responsive. The best part is that its architecture is adapted to meet the demands of all kinds of mobile gadgets.
  • Runs Smoothly And Uses Less Memory – Memory is often the game changer when a person is deciding whether to download an app or not. Users more often than not look at how much memory space the application will eat into. If it’s a large amount, they dread losing speed and refrain from downloading it. On the other hand, less memory usage is quite an enticement. Applications developed via React Native use less memory, but that does not impact how smoothly and flawlessly it runs. It means memory is not a limiting factor in determining the speed and performance of the application on any platform. It will not only load fast but also execute efficiently.

Concluding Words

React Native is the Holy Grail of application development frameworks. It provides financial, performance and resource advantages to the company using it for developing their very own app. Many big companies are already using it to their advantage, and yet newer ones are getting attracted towards it in hordes. Backed by a social networking giant like Facebook, who also uses it in their app and ads manager, speaks volumes about its reliability and credibility. Easy to use and providing agility to application developers, React Native also delivers on cost-effectiveness, increasing productivity, enhancing efficiency, and lowering the workload. Other features like code reusability, easy upgrading, fast loading speed, compatibility with third-party plugins, etc. make it a hot property today. React Native is here to stay and will be around for a long, long time. No matter what others have to say about it, the true test of mettle will be when you use it yourself. Give it a shot. It will not disappoint you.

Anthony Scolaro

A serial entrepreneur and technology enthusiast, Anthony Scolaro’s small business ventures began in 2009 Over the years, Anthony channeled his passion for creating solutions-driven processes and exceptional service and launched Project Assistant in the summer of 2011.

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