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A Wealth of Health is a premier mobile fitness platform with one of the largest fitness libraries in the world. Their site is an information center about the two apps they offer, fitBuilder and fitClass. These two apps have been developed to target different workout needs like people who have no time for workouts and people who want to step up their daily routine to attain specific goals.

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We built up from a theme and customized it through the site to suit the look and feel that goes with everything fitness related. Being integrated with the mobile app, it was crucial for the site to be fully responsive so that users could login and access it from any device. We took that into consideration when creating the design and came up with a fluid, clean and straightforward layout that clearly delivers all ads and information about the apps.

When we built the site, we worked closely with the mobile app developers to integrate the two fitness apps in the site. User’s fitness programs and progress on the app sync to the site so that they can view their routines from any device at any time. They simply log in to the website to for exclusive access to A Wealth of Health fitness programs from their laptop or desktop. However, without a subscription, site visitors can only view the blog, recipe box and an overview about the apps because we set up the site with gated content.

Subscription signups and payments for the apps would be conducted through the website so we made sure that A Wealth of Health was set up for e-commerce. Ads for the apps with call-to-action buttons were strategically placed throughout the site. Secure forms were set up for customers to provide their personal information and credit card payment details. We also created lead capture forms for those interested in 7 day trials.

A Wealth of Health’s logo used to be plain text but now, we’ve created a new logo that uses typography of the company’s acronym with a fluid abstract image of two people to replace the letter “O”. The image of two people symbolize how A Wealth of Health values their relationship with customers because they understand that getting fit can be a challenge for some and you need all the resources and support you can get. A Wealth of Health wants to be there for their customers every step of the way.

With the logo and site in place, it was time to kick start a marketing campaign. We boosted awareness about the mobile app and website through social media marketing on a defined target audience. With landing page designed specifically for marketing the mobile app, we also managed PPC campaigns.

A Wealth of Health has retained their mobile app users and website subscribers for over two years. Great web design, development and app integration mean seamless user experience which leads to longer subscriptions. This projects is a true testament to how a high quality website and products can improve your business.

  • Responsive Site on Custom Theme
  • E-commerce secure payment
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Landing Pages designed for PPC campaigns
  • Lead Capture with Gated Content
  • Mobile App Integration


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