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BeHealthy Challenges is a fitness site that focuses on fitness products and routines to help people lose weight, energize and attain their ideal physical form. It was created as a niche marketing with the objective to attract an audience of health enthusiasts and drive traffic to their main company, A Wealth of Health. The site features videos, articles, weight loss supplements and Evolv health products.

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The site’s design was based on a theme which we built around and customized. The homepage design was made to focus on the three BeHealthy Challenges: e84BURN for weight loss, e84FUEL to gain energy and e84EDGE to attain and maintain physical form. The remaining pages of the site were kept simple with consistent branding and advertising throughout.

This was our first responsive website ever created for a client project and we never went back to non-responsive. Our web development team was very excited about the idea of implementing a responsive framework into a production level project.

We used a custom installation for the first time which allowed us to easily separate our custom coding from core codes. This allowed for easy updating of core codes and plugins without thrashing the version control repository. We also developed their CMS for easy management of articles and developed a custom post type for products offered on the site.

Other than directing traffic to, BeHealthy Challenges was also developed for lead generation. Since the site geared towards health enthusiasts, it was the perfect target market for A Wealth of Health. We installed lead capture forms for people who wanted to “Join Now” and “Get Updates” from the site.

  • Responsive Web Design on a custom theme
  • Lead Generation
  • Niche website for
  • Content Management


Healthy Challenges