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Benjamin Hardwick has over 15 years of experience as a lawyer and has handled thousands of cases in North Carolina District, Superior and Federal Courts. He specializes in personal injury, traffic violations, criminal defense and other accident cases. Ben wanted his website to only showcase his professional profile, but also to educate visitors and clients.


Ben’s website is a straightforward business listing with additional information beneficial for his target audience. We structured Ben’s site around the type and amount of information he wanted to display. On the homepage we used images on the navigation as visual representation of the types of cases Ben handles. There are also dedicated pages for his Attorney profile, blog and testimonials.

Since this site’s main purpose was to provide people with an avenue to contact Ben, we included contact form that remains static on the righthand side throughout the site. There are also options for direct calls and his social media profiles have been integrated on the site.

Despite being a very simple business listing website, Project Assistant enjoys projects like this because we know we’re helping someone take their profession further by making their mark on the online world.

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • Contact Form Integration
  • Optimized Page Speed
  • Social Media Integration


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