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Bread & Butter™ is a Philippine bakeshop chain established in 1986 in the town of Kalibo, Aklan that offers a wide variety of high quality and affordable baked goods. It is one of the fastest growing local businesses in its area and has branched out all over Western Visayas and Southern Luzon. Bread & Butter™ currently has 64 branches and aims to reach 100 by 2018.

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Project Assistant partnered with BluQube Inc. to bring Bread & Butter™ closer to their customers. BluQube created graphics and site design while our team focused on web development and custom site responsiveness.

Aside from making the site fully responsive, we integrated Google maps so customers could locate the branches nearest to the, We also created contact forms and linked their social media accounts to the site.

We are still actively serving Bread & Butter™ through periodical updates and changes in the site.

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Cloud Server Management with Automated Backups
  • Google Maps Integration
  • SVN Codebase Management with Capistrano Deployment
  • Custom Contact Forms
  • Continued Website Development




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