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Charleston Black Cab Company is a local executive car service in Charleston, South Carolina. The company was purchased by Toan Dao in 2012 and became part of An Executive Travel. Charleston Black Cab Company specializes in premier chauffeur services around the Lowcountry, offering their clients affordable luxury transportation.

Toan Dao wanted to focus on increasing the company’s reach locally while revamping its image to make it more modern. When Toan bought the company, it didn’t have a website so he felt putting the business online was his top priority. He came to Project Assistant to kick start his efforts.

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We designed the site to fit in with the color scheme and executive feel that Toan required. The site is straightforward and easy to navigate with all menus and content clearly laid out. We focused on making the text easy to read with all the necessary information displayed right away because we knew Charleston Black Cab Company’s target market were executives, people who didn’t have time to waste scrolling around a site. Our local film and photography team in Charleston managed to schedule and shoot every image found on the site as well.

Once the site design was approved, we built it from the ground up on a custom theme that was responsive with full page speed optimization so that Toan’s clients could view the site from any device without delay. We also integrated booking software on the site so customers could book and pay for the service online.

Toan wanted to give an identity to his brand that portrayed royalty, luxury and sophistication. Our lead designer got to work on creating an emblem as Charleston Black Cab’s new logo. The main feature of the logo is a lion on a shield which symbolizes prestige and loyalty. The shield is topped with a crown and surrounded by a laurel wreath which was used in ancient Greece societies to symbolize high status and the victorious champions of the Olympics. All of which were very fitting with the company’s reputation of being recognized as Charleston’s best black car service for 8 years in a row.

Now that the site and logo were in play, it was time to boost Charleston Black Cab Company’s name through online marketing. We started off with local search optimization by ensuring the site used appropriate keywords, had complete meta data and created online business listings. We also composed blog content that targeted visitors to Charleston with write ups on events, places to stay and activities in the area.

We created accounts for Charleston Black Cab Company and linked them to the site. Post for different social media outlets were automatically generated each time new content was published on the website. This was especially true for blog articles. As a result, CBCC successfully ranked for local searches.

  • Responsive Website Built on our Custom Theme
  • Citation (Business Listings) Creation/Management
  • Full Page Speed Optimization with W3TC
  • Social Media Account Creation/Management
  • Email Template Design, Campaign Management
  • Local Search Optimization




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