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Cool Sheds is a South Carolina based company that specializes in Sheds, Barns, Utility Buildings, Carports, and Steel Structures. They cater to South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. Cool Sheds prides themselves in being proven the best dollar for dollar value compared to all of their competition. They credit their success to their excellent customer service and great customer relationships.


Every once in a while you feel the satisfaction of hitting the nail on the head right the first time and in one swing, complete the job to go home early. That’s what Cool Sheds did when they chose Project Assistant to fulfill their Onsite SEO needs. Our team worked closely with Cool Sheds to understand their market and find the best way to optimize existing content and create new to funnel in targeted local traffic.

We’ve continued development and marketing efforts for Cool Sheds over the years. We’ve also provided our services for their blog content and social media posts. Overall, the aspects of the Cool Sheds project were possible with the close coordination between our marketing and web development departments. With multiple locations, great quality products and a highly optimized site, Project Assistant has helped Cool Sheds keep selling.

We redesigned the Cool Sheds website first in 2012 and then again at the end of 2013 to make the website responsive. Cool Sheds knew exactly what the site should look like, all we had to do was code it. We also revised the information architecture and made room for some new content. The dark black site with hazard yellow features streaming video content on just about every page along with SEO friendly coding. Page speed was optimized as well.

  • Responsive site built on a custom theme
  • Revised Information Architecture
  • Social Media and Blog Consultation








Working with Project Assistant was a treat. They are highly organized. I received daily reports showing what was completed, what was next up to be tackled, and most importantly the accrual of costs. That type of organization coupled with their high level of talent is rare. Add to that, Project Assistant’s desire to please me – the client, is extremely rare and greatly appreciated. I have and will continue to recommended them to everyone I know.

Keith Kerwin