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Go To Lights is the premier store of Go To Fixtures, an upcoming, global online fixture retailer. Go To Lights is a great source for designer and architectural lighting and was created to fill a need for designers, builders, and contractors after noticing it was difficult to get hard to find fixtures at the local hardware store. Go To Lights was created to offer products sourced from around the world and allow lighting designers to make one of a kind presentations to clients.

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The Go To Lights site runs on Magento, the premier e-commerce content management system. The growing database of lighting products is managed by our team’s data entry specialist. Due to the large number of products and varieties for each one, we developed a method to automatically upload the inventory into Magento. This saves countless hours that would have been spent encoding data which is what is normally done.

Aside from site maintenance, we also worked on Go To Lights’ marketing. To build a more personal relationship with lighting designers and potential clients, we engaged in social media marketing. Relevant and entertaining content is posted and continually updated on Go To Light’s social media accounts. These include the latest lighting trends, product features and different designer tips and tricks for making your interior lighting stylish and functional.

Project Assistant currently runs Go To Lights as an internal project to further our team’s education in Magento development. We’re keeping the site updated and working on more developments to optimize management and sales.

  • Automated Inventory Upload
  • International Checkout
  • Social Media Updates

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