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HeadsUpDisplay is a privately funded project that aims to become an authority source of information for heads-up display (HUD) devices. The HeadsUpDisplay acts as curator of content for all things HUD such as augmented reality, virtual reality, news, trends, different mobile apps and companies producing HUD devices.

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Project Assistant created a customized responsive website for HeadsUpDisplay. We’ve aggregated external blog articles and set up an easy content management system for HeadsUpDisplay to be able to publish their own articles with custom post types. We also integrated HeadsUpDisplay’s social media into the website for easy sharing across multiple platforms

We also created the logo for HeadsUpDisplay which features a circular graphic which represents a gauge, target sight or lens which are all often associated with heads-up display technology. We designed the site to match the logo’s colors and simple, clean cut features.

This is a long term project and Project Assistant will continue to work with HeadsUpDisplay as they develop their brand and move forward.

  • Custom Responsive Web Design
  • Custom post type
  • Content research, generation and management
  • Social Media Integration

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