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Health 1nsurance provides a quick and easy way for healthcare shoppers to search for their insurance plans with an option to engage with licensed healthcare professionals for further advice. They offer their services for free and strive to make the health insurance enrollment process as simple and convenient as possible. They needed a site that allowed them to do just that.


Health 1nsurance’s main goal is to make everything easy for their clients so we went for a clean, simple design that was light and inviting. We used high quality images and parallax scrolling to give it a smooth and modern look.

When you visit the homepage, you’ll notice that there is very little text and a single form. This is because we wanted to draw attention to the form which is the first step in the insurance shopping process. We also simplified the menu to three main pages and moved the rest of the navigation to the footer. The rest of the site retains the minimalist design in order not to draw attention away from the important information Health 1nsurance provides.

Health 1nsurance generates insurance policy information for their clients based on their zip code. We created a dynamic form for this on the homepage. The form captured the information clients input on the front end and passed to the data dynamic form where it was processed and stored. Based on the zip code, the site then returns all information on policies available within that area. Aside from this form, we also created forms to collect private client information for policy assessment. To ensure data security, we installed SSL and took other security measures to protect all data.

Aside from the forms, we set up a CMS for Health 1nsurance with custom post types for their blog. We also installed various plugins and optimized page speed to improve user experience and integrated their social media accounts for easy social sharing and connecting.

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • Dynamic Form Integration
  • Optimized Page Speed
  • Social Media Integration
  • Custom Post Type for Blog


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