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Triumph Learning is an established K-12 publisher based in New York City. They serve over 6 million students and aim to broaden their reach by addressing the needs of homeschooled children with their new subsidiary site, Homeschool. The eCommerce site contains a selection of top resources from Triumph Learning’s homeschool curriculum to help support homeschool families.

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Project Assistant created based on a design provided by Triumph Learning. The site displays Homeschool products categorized by learning level. Each product listing contains full product details, order quantity, quote generator and an option to download sample lessons. Lead Capture is used when downloading sample lessons of the Homeschool products to gather customer information.

We also optimized the site to make it crawlable for search engines and integrated google analytics. We verified all pages and links to ensure there we no errors before the site was launched.

  • Product Catalog Management
  • Gated Content
  • Quote Generator
  • Mobile Responsive




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They give further ideas to enhance or better optimize our original ideas. They have been amazing in stepping up and delivering quality work which shows on your website. We’ve developed a lot of great sections on the website.

I actually have a pictures of them in my office because they are also fun to work with which is a plus.

Marcela Aleman

Triumph Learning

Marcela Aleman