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Ill City Clothing is a local street fashion store in Iloilo City, Philippines that began selling shirts through social media. With the rise in popularity, the guys behind the brand wanted to try to expand internationally and legitimize the business with an official e-commerce site. They wanted something simple, modern and stylish. We took the inspiration behind their brand and created an awesome site.


When designing an e-commerce store, the two major factors you need to consider are the way the product is displayed and how you keep branding consistent throughout the site. Ill City Clothing’s designs were mainly simple and in black and white. We took inspiration from the products and designed a sleek, clean, black and white site that kept all eyes on the merchandise.

The homepage features a header slider and a collection of static block images filled with photographs that depict street fashion with models wearing Ill City Clothing. Without words, the photos speak for the brand and the Ill City lifestyle.

Since it was Ill City Clothing’s first e-commerce site, we made sure product inventory and management was easy. We imported all the merchandise and created configurable products so that keeping track of size, quantity and color were all automated and under one roof. We also ensured that sign ups, transactional emails, checkout and payment methods were all integrated and working well.

The site was also developed to be fully responsive as their target market would most likely be shopping and browsing from their mobile devices. That being said, we made sure social media was integrated so that users could easily share Ill City products and connect with the brand on different social media platforms.

Although the Ill City Clothing site was discontinued, we’re proud we were able to design, develop and launch the project within a week. It was a true test of our e-commerce development skills and proved that our teamwork was on point. Project Assistant looks forward to giving move businesses like Ill City Clothing the digital boost they need to expand their business online.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Member Sign-up
  • Easy Inventory Management
  • Social Media Integration


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