Keepr is a modern and cost-effective solution to Metro Manila’s space problem. It offers pay-per-use storage, backed by an advanced mobile app that allows consumers to avail storage on-demand and to keep an inventory of all their stored items, right at their fingertips.

Project Assistant worked closely with Keepr’s team from the design to the development of the web app and mobile app in making sure that everything is tailored to the customers’ needs.

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Keepr’s goal is to make personal storage easier for everyone. Project Assistant developed an app with the seamless user experience for Keepr’s customers so they can conveniently search and manage their inventory from the phone. They can even request a pick-up or delivery of their items anytime, anywhere, all within the app! No more warehouse visits or long phone calls!

Consumers can download the Keepr App on iOS or Android, create an account, and schedule a bin drop off or pick-up. Keepr provides everything from bins to packing tapes and boxes for free!

Now, the option to store things and make space in your home is available at your fingertips. You don’t even have to leave the couch.


We aimed to deliver a visually organized and appealing website with proper information, at the same time, easy to use for anyone.

We created a custom-built web app that allows the customer to book their pick-up and delivery needs to and from the warehouse.

Everything the customer stored with Keepr is documented, tagged with QR codes, and synced to the database using an app, specially built for the storage specialist.

Customers can use the web app or mobile app to add descriptions of their items, search inventory, and review what they have stored. In just a few clicks, the customers can have the items delivered whenever and wherever they want. Everything is automated, and our system is made with customers in mind.

Not only that, but we also developed an Admin Portal for Keepr’s team to access all information and manage all appointments in one place. We made sure that the overall management of the business is easy.

  • Mobile App Development for both Android and iOS platform
  • App Integration for Website
  • Admin Portal
  • Billing System
  • Responsive website








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