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Miami Dental Sedation Spa is a dental clinic that focuses on eliminating dental fear through the professional, cheerful and caring treatment of our patients. The dentists at the clinic wanted to offer their patients a way to learn more about the sedation process and their other dental procedures with an informative website.

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We worked on a simple, clean and formal site for Miami Dental Sedation Spa. All important information, reviews and services are clearly laid out and immediately accessible from the home page. The entire site is also multilingual, available in both English and Spanish. This helps the dentists communicate and accommodate a wider clientele in the Miami area.

The dental spa’s main service is providing patients with the option to be sedated during their dental procedures to ease the anxiety brought about by the fear or dental procedures and to enable patients to sit through an operation or procedure without a problem. We created pages to explain the types of sedation and procedures the doctors at the clinic performed. Doing so allowed them to build a relationship, educate and achieve level of trust with their patients before they even visit the clinic. The site is also equipped with a photo gallery of the spa, before and after pictures of procedures and testimonials from previously treated patients.

Miami Dental Sedation Spa always puts their patients’ needs first and they wanted this policy to be reflected on their website. Other than the blog and articles, the website also features portals for the clients to sign up for new patient discounts, book an appointment or download necessary documents for patient registration. There is also a section about financial aid, dental health insurance and the clinic’s payment terms.

With great content and exceptional customer service, it was now important for patients to Miami Dental Sedation Spa both online and offline. We integrated a map on the contact page and location page that allows patients to enter their current location and retrieve a route to the clinic. As for online searching, we used structured data markup on important information throughout the site in order for search engines to better understand the data. This included address, contact details, operating hours and reviews. This enhances the site’s SEO and improves it’s ability to rank higher.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Multilingual Site
  • Structured Data Markup
  • Downloadable Resources
  • Online Appointment Booking
  • Patient Testimonials

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