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Mickey’s Magic Hammer is a home improvement services site by Mickey Goodyear, owner of Lands End Construction on St. Helena Island, South Carolina. Mickey has been in the industry for over 40 year and decided to modernize his business by taking it online in 2014.


Mickey came to Project Assistant to showcase his custom woodworks and the exceptional quality his home repairs. We created a custom responsive website for Mickey with content we collaborated on that targeted the “Workin’ Man”. Mickey’s expertise in woodworking, home repair, and his dedication to doing it right the first time are documented through 50+ images and in-depth descriptions on the website.

Mickey focused on making it easy for his customers and fellow handymen to understand the kind of work he does and why certain repairs and maintenance are important for every home. He even offers bits of wisdom throughout his site. We took the content and optimized it for keyword searches his customers would most likely be using in search engines.

Project Assistant is passionate about helping people make their mark in the online world. We enjoyed working with Mickey and we’re glad to have helped a local business like his move forward on a more accessible platform.

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Built for the Workin’ Man
  • Optimized for Keyword Searches




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