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The Labor and Employment Group at Militzok Law, P.A. aggressively and effectively litigate employment and labor issues that arise in the workplace, such as unpaid overtime compensation, unpaid wages, retaliation, discrimination, and other issues. At the time, the law firm wanted to offer their services free of charge to anyone with a notable case. They needed a dedicated website to focus on their target market.


The South Florida Wages website served as a marketing and communication platform for Militzok Law. The features remained simple as the law firm didn’t require much other than a blog and contact form which also served as a lead capture tool.

With a simple design, we focused on organizing content and providing site visitors will multiple opportunities to get in touch with Militzok Law. With an abundance of legal information, it was important we organized to avoid confusion, leading to poor user experience. They main case types were displayed on the homepage as tiles images then divided into two main categories on the navigation bar with subcategories.

We made sure Militzok Law’s potential clients had many ways to reach them. We kept the contact form constant on the right side of the site with a call-to-action for a free case evaluation. We also created listings with the firm’s addresses, emails and phone numbers. To complete this simple site, we made it mobile responsive and integrated their social media accounts and RSS feed.

  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form Integration
  • Content Management System
  • Social Media Integration




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