Next Four Plan

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Next Four Plan assists families and students who are in the process of selecting a university to attend. The company offers college planning advice and counseling on what schools to apply to, how to avail of financial aid and most importantly, how not to over spend on tuition and student fees.


Next Four Plan’s website was designed and created from scratch. We kept everything simple and professional, sticking to a color scheme that accented their logo design. Since Next Four Plan had a lot of vital information they wanted to share with their clients, we focused on laying out the text so it’s didn’t look to laborious to read. We also created customized font icons to break up the text and illustrate ideas.

Next Four Plan’s clients enter private and sensitive information on the site in order to accurately evaluate their situation. We installed SSL and took other security measures to ensure the safety of Next Four Plan, their clients and all their information.

Once a client has completed filling up the online form with their details, they then have to pay for the service. To speed up the process, we integrated gravity forms to PayPal as their preferred payment method. Aside from other back end developments to make sure the site was running smoothly, we also optimized page speed and integrated Next Four Plan’s social media accounts.

  • Custom Responsive Design
  • SSL Integration
  • Optimized Page Speed
  • Social Media Integration
  • Paypal Integration