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Oceanica Real Estate offers luxury residential and commercial properties, property stabilization and resale, property management and developer representation. Their services are tailored to meet specific needs and standards of a large international client base with a network of more than 10,000 investors in the U.S., over 30,000 sales agents in the South Florida tri-county area and solid relationships in many countries, especially within Latin America.


Oceanica Real Estate is part of the Johanna Bassols group of companies. Johanna is a real estate broker in Miami Florida and has been in the business for over 12 years. She originally attempted to create and manage her own website but found that it consumed too much of her time. Johanna got in touch with Project Assistant and decide to leave her website to the professionals.

The real estate industry is cut-throat, beating around the bush won’t get you anywhere. Johanna needed a website that conveyed her style of business: straightforward, professional and sophisticated. We focused on creating a site that was simple but still managed to deliver visual impact.

Oceanica Real Estate’s website is a full-width clean and sleek design. Vital information about the company and their services are clearly displayed alongside stunning images of luxury properties. The Communities Page features prime locations around Miami where details only appear when hovering over the photos to maximize visual impact of the beautiful scenery.

Other than eye-catching imagery, the rest of the site was designed around an improved information architecture to ensure free-flowing navigation. An organized site provides easy user experience which is crucial for Oceanica Real Estate’s client as they use the site to browse for high-end properties. With a clientele like this, user experience could make or break a sale.

The first step of developing Oceanica Real Estate’s website was to set up it’s main function, the real estate listings and property search. We integrated Internet Data Exchange (IDX) and Multiple Listing Service (MLS), key tool realtor and brokers use to stay in the know of the latest properties on the market. Integrating this into the site meant that the property search was constantly and automatically updated, providing clients with accurate, detailed information about listings. The pages for featured communities and listings on the site have been customized to display key property information pulled from IDX and MLS alongside images of the property and its location on a map.

We continued to develop the site to cater to Johanna’s target market. Being based in Miami and serving clients from Latin America, it was essential for Oceanica Real Estate’s website to be multilingual. The site is available in English and Spanish.

We worked closely with Johanna’s marketing team to develop the site to go hand-in-hand with their online marketing plan. Oceanica Real Estate’s team wanted to do PPC campaigns so we developed landing pages specifically for the ads to improve conversions.

Building and maintaining strong relationships is crucial in the real estate industry. To keep in touch with her target market and continue to establish her presence online, Johanna used several popular social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

Content was key to developing a large following. We integrated Oceanica Real Estate’s social media accounts with the website and installed methods for content from the site to be easily shared across these social media accounts. This way, articles and images from the site can be re-posted not only by Johanna’s team, but also her clients on their personal social media accounts.

  • Real Estate Listing integration with IDX and MLS
  • Content Management and Custom Post Type
  • Onsite Optimization for PPC campaign
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multilingual Site





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It’s really much faster, smoother and they know exactly what to do.

Johanna Bassols

Broker owner

Johanna Bassols