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The Omomuki Foundation is a privately funded group established in 2013 and based in New York City. Their main focus is the development and promotion of emerging artist by providing them with funds to study, travel and perform. The Omomuki Foundation also awards grants to nonprofit organizations involved with HIV awareness, testing and treatment.


The Omomuki Foundation wanted to establish their online identity with a simple website. Project Assistant made with a modest, organized and clean design the Foundation had approved. It’s very minimalist and instead text, the site uses symbols created by artists as the main buttons navigating to the different pages of the site.

For development, we a custom responsive website design and Full Page Speed Optimization with W3TC. Being an international foundation, we made sure was a multilingual site with easy options to translate the page from English to Japanese and Chinese.

The Omomuki Foundation’s site is just one of the many multilingual sites we have created and we look forward to more projects like it.

  • Responsive Website
  • Minimalistic Web Design
  • Multilingual Site
  • Full Page Speed Optimization




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