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In the Philippines, mobile usage is at 113% of the population which means a large majority of mobile users have more than two sim cards or subscriptions This is because telecommunication network providers often offer special deals and promotions for texting and calling within the same network. In order to cope with the high demand for mobile subscriptions, telco networks have had to generate numerous mobile numbers with special prefixes assigned to each network. As a result, there is often a confusion as to which prefix belongs to what mobile network. PreFIX PH was created to put an end to the confusion.

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PreFIX PH was designed by Project Assistant to be the Philippine’s first ever intelligent phone directory app. The app imports all the contacts from your native phonebook and labels them according to what network they belong to. As a result, users will always know what network they’re contacting and maximize telco promos wherein they only communicate within the same network.

As we developed PreFIX PH further, we created more useful features for mobile subscribers in the Philippines. Here they are:

  • Calling & Texting – know what network your contact belongs to before you send a text or make a call.

  • Pass-a-Load – send load (call/text credit) to other users without having to type a message and send it to a service number.

  • PreFIX Checker – quickly find out what network a mobile number belongs to by simply inputting the first 4 digits

  • Sort Contact – segregate all your contacts according to what network they belong to

  • Set Preferred Network – this feature works best for dual-sim users wherein they can assign a network they prefer to use for communication. This way when they try to contact a person outside that network, PreFIX PH will inform them.

  • Promo Directory (Premium Feature) – store the promo codes and service number for your favorite load promos and register to them within the app, no need to type a message every time.

  • Group Messaging (Premium Feature) – create groups within the app based on your contact’s network. This is handy for sending group messages to a long list of people on the same network.

Every great app needs its own website so we developed to aid in marketing efforts and allow users to better understand the app and its features. We wanted to market PreFIX PH as soon as possible so to we had to code fast. The site is a custom theme that follows a simple single page style. All information about the app can be found on the homepage. We focused on using smooth transitions and sleek mobile phone mockups to allow site visitors a glimpse at what the app looks like and how it works.

The site also includes a blog with various articles about how to purchase premium app features without a creditcard, updated prefix lists and reposted feature articles. We’ve also included quick links to download according to what device you’re viewing the site on.

Once all the app’s features were in play and the website was live, we began marketing. We tested the waters with Facebook ads that ran on different segments of the wide target audience our app caters to. We ran campaigns for page likes, app installs and post engagements. However the factor that contributed greatest to the app’s boost in popularity and increase in downloads was the outreach to different tech bloggers in the Philippines. PreFIX PH received positive reviews and endorsements from respected tech blogs including YugaTech and Rappler.

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  • Continued App Development and Updates
  • Custom Responsive Website
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