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Privé Society is a private membership group dedicated to meet the demands of a hectic schedule brought about by the lifestyle that industry leaders and high-net worth individuals want to lead. Privé Society offers their prestigious members ideal access and convenience so some of the world’s most unique and luxurious experiences.

Our team has worked with members of Privé Society since 2011 and multiple projects. At the beginning, we worked closely with stakeholders for over a year to develop different web properties and build value for the company.


Privé Society kept things simple, classy and direct to the point when it came to design. The site is organized, easy to navigate and offers snippets of what it’s like to indulge in some of life’s finest luxuries, all of which they offer as part of their services. We kept the design sleek and sophisticated to avoid fuss. It’s everything you’d expect from a professional concierge service.

The main website development focused on customizing their CRM integration and optimizing page speed. We also developed three different portals of the site for gated content. The Members portal offers exclusive deals, promotions and personalized services that are tailored to the interests of members. The Investors portal holds private content for potential stakeholders of the company. Lastly, the HR portal serves as a centralized tool for the HR and Admin of Privé Society.

As for marketing, a company like Privé Society requires a constant flow of high quality content that’s relevant. Individuals targeted by Privé know what they want when they see it thus it was crucial for the company to be visible in places that mattered most. Other than optimizing the site for search engines, we helped them with content marketing through their blog, social media management and designed over 50 customized emails for their campaigns.

Privé Society required a web development and internet marketing team that could scale with the growth of their company, make changes on the fly to marketing efforts and integrate with a number of other systems that provide instant feedback and enable high-touch relationships with their members. Project Assistant stepped up to the challenge and we look forward to continued work with Privé Society.

  • Custom Members & Investors Portal
  • Custom HR Platform
  • Website & CRM Integration for automated lead tracking
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Cloud Server Management and automated backups