Pros Locker Room

Pros Locker Room was created to be one of the world’s leading exclusive online communities for active and retired professional athletes. The company provided an environment for athletes to build networks and share personal experiences with different members around the world. Pros Locker Room also offered personalized services and trusted resources to help members succeed and maximize opportunities. Many of these athletes and their families relied on Pros Locker Room to handle their lifestyle needs during and after their careers.


Project Assistant designed and configured some of the most important technology pieces that remain the vehicle for this pro-athlete community. Their vision of “next-level integration” components are what allows Pros Locker Room (PLR) to be the best service provider for active and retired professionals.

The Pros Locker Room website was an online lead capture tool. The design and logo was provided by a branding firm that we worked with to develop a simple and clean, 3 page website. Our team coded it into a mobile friendly web app that builds a member database within CMS for website membership and also delivered the data to a CRM where PLR staff managed the lead data.

Two mobile friendly forms sent new sign up data to the CRM member database where they were later converted into vetted members. This automated the process of bringing on new members as people accessed the website from any computer or mobile devices and enter their information. Email validation helped prevent duplicate sign ups across both the website databases and CRM.

Project Assistant configured a VoIP telephony system to handle all calls made through the PLR preferred method of contact (800 number) and logged calls to CRM via a PLR Lifestyle Manager desktop application. The application delivered an on screen pop with call information and a set of useful options on how to handle the call.

For their email marketing campaign, PLR’s design team drafted email templates and handed off the designs to our team of coders. We coded the design for the email campaign publishing platform for social media integration and analytics and also for one-off emails sent from the CRM.

Pros Locker Room was a successful project while it was active and Project Assistant is proud to have taken part. It has since been rebranded and developed into Privé Society, catering to a larger audience of artists and athletes seeking concierge services for luxurious lifestyles

  • Assisted with Logo Design by Hook USA
  • Website with custom CRM Web-to-Lead Forms
  • True Website Development Environment and Security
  • Email Template Design and Deployment
  • CRM Customization with VoIP Integration
  • Laptop configuration for PLR Lifestyle Associates




Email Templates