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Somerset Wealth Strategies is a financial advisory firm with a solid background and years of experience. Founded in 1997, the firm has grown and expanded with more than 3,600 clients. With a great work reputation in the industry, they needed to keep up with the times and establish their presence online.


The Somerset Wealth Strategies website was mainly for the purpose of informing current and potential clients about the firm’s services and to keep them updated. First of all, when investing your money, you need to be sure about the people you’re working with and if you can trust them. Somerset Wealth Strategies have a page dedicated to reaching client goals through their philosophy and process.

We also created a page for the team at Somerset Wealth Strategies. A custom post was created for each member to feature their photo and credentials. A complete list of what the firm offers is listed under the services page. Links to further information and a short video are also integrated on the page.

Once users are ready to get in touch with the firm, they can proceed to the Get Started or Contact. Both pages feature forms that serve as the starting point for communication between the client and the firm. After formal introductions and an initial meeting, clients are provided with their login credentials to access the client portal. Here they gain access to gated content and other services privately offered by the firm.

The site also features a free ebook download which acts as a lead capture tool and to keep things updated, we created an “In The Press” section for any news features, articles or radio interviews with Somerset Wealth Strategies.

  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form
  • Downloadable Gated Content
  • Client Portal
  • Custom Post Types


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