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We love working with unique individuals and their businesses. The Artisan Row Accessories (TARA), is exactly that. TARA creates interchangeable fine jewelry designed to keep up with the 24/7 lives that modern women lead. Each piece is lovingly crafted by local artisans using quality metals and gems. There is more to the brand than its product. TARA aims to empower women by encouraging them to express themselves while providing a platform for Filipino fashion to reach a worldwide market.


When we designed the TARA website, we wanted to create visual impact from the moment you land on the homepage. We focused on tying in TARA’s branding elements with photography. The homepage embodies a fast paced lifestyle with feature videos about TARA, the way their jewelry works and a testimonial from their brand ambassador.

Instead of a blog or lookbook, the TARA website features Playbooks. These are tips and tricks to help empower women and give them the confidence to move forward in life and do great things. The graphic design was taken care of by a media team and we gave the content a twist by displaying the “TARA Hacks” on a Flipbook which is a digital magazine. This feature adds a fun, quirky aspect to the design.

The rest of the TARA website theme follows the clean, professional yet elegant style of the brand. We wanted to keep things minimal as not to draw attention away from the unique products.

The TARA website wasn’t just designed to look good, it was also built for business. The website is TARA’s main sales outlet thus we wanted to make sure that user experience was flawless. Products are categorised by their functions and styles. The TARA store has all the basic necessities of an e-commerce store and more. Aside from your usuals like add to cart, view cart, wishlist, discount codes, we threw in a few edgy and cool features.

When viewing a product, you won’t only be able to zoom in, you can view the jewelry from all angles. Rotate the image to see a full 360° Product View. We also added animations to give customers an idea of how the jewelry can be mixed and matched. Adding features like these not only show off the beauty of the jewelry but more importantly, it allows customers to see exactly what they’re getting.

The huge gap between shopping online and in a physical store is being able to hold and inspect the product before purchasing it. Our solutions may not be tangible but they bring the customer experience one step further.

Behind the store, we’ve supported the site with the best development to ensure seamless operations and an integrated purchasing process. We optimized the site page load speed, installed a live chat and set up at VoIP phone system. We simplified the checkout process by reducing the number of clicks it takes from selecting an item to purchasing it with. We also ensured that TARA would have no problem shipping orders by integrating a shipment management program. Overall, we made sure TARA’s business process were taken care of from start to finish.

  • Custom Responsive Website Design
  • Simplified Checkout and Shipping
  • Integrated Email Campaign
  • 360° Product View
  • Flipbooks Digital Magazine
  • VoIP Phone System
  • Flipbooks Digital Magazine
  • Live Chat
  • Inventory Management








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