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The Everyday Mom Life is a blog by Rachel, a devoted mother of 2 who loves sharing her ups and downs in the life of being a mom. She originally started the blog on her own but soon after, her following grew and she needed some professional help. Rachel came to Project Assistant to refine her Mom Blog and make it more organized.


We set up Rachel’s blog on a CMS platform she was already familiar with and installed some plugins to allow her to do more but still keep things simple and easy to manage. With her busy schedule, this was essential for her to keep up with her passion for writing without complications.

The Everyday Mom Life logo was added to the header and we customized the site with minor CSS styling and fixes in order for the design to go with the logo’s color scheme. Everything was kept simple and clear. No fancy navigation or graphics. This allowed for the blog to be a direct communication between Rachel and her readers without distractions.

Widgets for her Twitter and Instagram feed were installed so that she could reach her readers on a more social level. We integrated her social media accounts to automatically post a link and blurb about any new articles she publishes on the blog. Aside from keeping social, we also set up newsletter subscriptions and lead capture for her email campaigns.

The success of professional blogging is not only measured by the number of comments or shared on your articles, but more importantly by tracking the number of people who visit your site and the amount of time they spend reading your content. We installed Google Analytics so that Rachel could track her progress and try to improve her search engine rankings by observing traffic on her site.

Working with Rachel has been a please and we look forward to helping her expand her audience as The Everyday Mom Life blog blossoms.

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