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Triumph Learning has become one of our favorite clients and we were privileged to work with them again on this project. We previously gave a facelift to bring the educational content publisher’s website into the 21st century. Now, we’ve redesigned the site to improve both user experience and business functionality.

Triumph Learning caters to over 6 million students in 36,000 schools across the United States so you can imagine how hectic sales and inventory management can be. One of their biggest challenges was responding to the multitude of quote requests they receive on their site. This is how Project Assistant made it easy.


We installed a quotation extension to the site that allows Triumph Learning to receive quote requests through forms. Clients fill up the form with all the necessary data like the products, quantities, contact details and additional information. Once the quote has been submitted the data is then passed on to Triumph Learning’s customer relationship management.

We integrated the CRM and quotation extension so all data is seamlessly transferred and synced from one system to another in real time, eliminating lag and the chances of data entry errors. Quotes are then distributed and assigned as opportunities to sales representatives based on the area or state the quote request originated. Tasks can be re-assigned by administrators to different sales representatives and quotes can be automated.

The integration of the quotation extension and CRM allows Triumph Learning to keep better track of their quotations and responses. It enables them to speed up transactions, manage client interactions and streamline the sales process. The overall result of the developments we made improves Triumph Learning’s customer service and business functionality.

  • Website Redesign
  • CRM Integration
  • Responsive Website Built on our Custom Theme

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They give further ideas to enhance or better optimize our original ideas. They have been amazing in stepping up and delivering quality work which shows on your website. We’ve developed a lot of great sections on the website.

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