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USDA Loans Oregon is a resource website for information about USDA loan applications in Oregon. The site offers the services of Pamela Berns, a Senior Loan Officer with Rock River Financial Incorporated which is a full-service Mortgage Lender offering expertise in every area of mortgage lending. The company’s mission is to offer some of the best mortgage loan options available and have the expertise to guide clients through the process of choosing and getting the exact loan to meet their needs.


Since it’s main purpose was to be a source of information, the USDA Loans Oregon site was kept very minimalistic and straightforward. We focused on creating a custom responsive website with an organized interface to display the content that was easy to navigate. We restructured the site’s original content to improve search engine visibility. Aside from frequently asked questions and an overview of the USDA Loans, we also included sections for USDA latest news, a contact form and a method for online application.

  • Content Management and Restructuring
  • Custom Responsive Website
  • Managed Hosting on In-House Server Stack
  • Extensive W3TC Optimization


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