Effective Communication for Project Managers

Good Project Managers value the importance of effective communication.

Effective communication can assist in building good working relationships within a project team, with the client and with other stakeholders. Clear and unambiguous verbal or written instructions can increase productivity within a project team and it is vital to the success of a project. Below is a list of steps that I have developed for effective communication for Project Managers.

Ask Questions

To understand and determine a solution to a problem, Project Managers can ask questions which will aid in resolving issues. Questions allow you to break down the problem and approach it with a better understanding. Often times, asking questions stimulates the thought process and leads to new realizations that can aid in overcoming issues.


The skill of listening is vital for effective communication. It is not only how you transfer a message to others, it is also how well you listen to gain the full meaning of what is being said. Listening to what your team members have to say also shows that you value their ideas. Make sure everyone is heard.

Recognize Body Language

By recognizing postures and gestures, a Project Manager can determine whether a person’s mood is relaxed, agitated, happy, uninterested or excited. If a person’s mood is agitated or uninterested for example, a Project Manager can set aside an appropriate time to discuss unclear tasks or issues that have arisen. This should help avoid misunderstanding and unnecessary or abortive work being carried out.

Verbal Communication

Although the Project Managers cannot be expected to know everything, they should deliver the subject clearly to the team to the best of their knowledge. When speaking to team members, be careful with your choice of words and make sure you understand the situation or issue completely. Gather your team together and deliver your message once to avoid confusion from relaying messages.Communicating with your team is crucial for success. It’s important to make sure your verbal communication translates to the task assigned. We use project management software to ensure we keep track of client-team communication and stay on top of everything.

Tone of Voice

Identify the tone of the voice of the person they are talking to, as this can give a clue to the current state of being that person is in. Project Managers should also be conscious about the tone of voice they use when speaking to team members or clients. Regardless of the situation, try to keep a calm and collected mindset in order to communicate effectively.

Tell Stories

To keep the conversation going with a stakeholder, a Project Manager can tell stories or discuss their experience from previous projects and other areas of life, which may assist in making the Project Manager appear more credible and trustworthy. Stories are an easier way to communicate and can come more naturally than a standardized, rehearsed report. They can also be entertaining and memorable. Just be sure to have a story line prepared in your head as to avoid straying, rambling and going completely off topic.<

Maintain Good Relationships

Although there is nothing wrong with developing friendships with colleagues and clients, Project Managers should focus on the issues at hand without being biased. They should avoid being negative, defensive and finding somebody to blame. Being able to make logical decisions based on the facts and not just social obligations is what makes a good and reliable Project Manager.

Good communication is one of the key to achieve project success. The earlier a Project Manager performs these effective communication steps, the earlier they are likely to increase the chances of project success. Being confident in your communication prepares you for bigger tasks ahead, like creating project timeline estimates and dealing with difficult circumstances.

Yvonne Ali

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