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Make your business grow smarter and faster.

Customized CRM solutions streamline customer-facing business functions to create robust customer relationships and give your business a competitive edge. It performs three main functions of congregating customer information, automating marketing and sales interactions, and boosting effective and efficient communication.

An all-inclusive custom CRM system will revolutionize your customer service. Providing integrated functionality with diverse features it will help meet your business needs much better. We strongly believe in building the best in the class CRM system solution. We are well aware of how crucial it is to your business growth. Our considerable experience in this field ensures that we create smart, efficient, and scalable solutions that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Custom CRM Development Services

  • Custom CRM Development

    We create unique CRM frameworks with exceptional features to give proficient instruments of business process automation. Our CRM solutions are designed to help you pursue the global business patterns in your niche, manage and scrutinize your audience, and automate and augment your procedures.

  • Custom CRM Analytics Solutions

    We can create and fit in systematic analytical tools, that include intuitive and spontaneous dashboards, tracking solutions for everyday jobs, case studies, and mapping client relationships. In addition, for improved client segmentation and effective forecast modeling, we can synchronize your CRM framework with email, social networks, chat, etc.

  • CRM Platform Customization

    We can modify your third-party CRM software to increase your company’s overall efficiency. Our customization services will enhance your CRM platform and spread its usefulness by streamlining business processes and making easier automation of workflows possible.

  • CRM Modules

    Designing and integrating separate CRM modules is an easy job for our developers. Our developers can create independent modules for real-time data analysis, performance analysis and observation, task creation and its tracking, etc. Using our independent modules, you can efficiently manage all your current and future customers.

  • CRM System Integration

    With the help of our solutions development team, you can incorporate a CRM framework into your company software and any other third-party systems that you use. We excel in making solo client view systems with sales projections, job tracking, in-depth reports, and other numerous but valuable features.

  • CRM Migration Services

    With ease, we can transfer and extract information from your legacy system. So, whenever there is a need for change, you don’t have to worry about downtime and losing data. Our business experts, keeping in mind the specific needs of your business, will propose a solution that will boost the CRM value.

Industries We Focus On


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Banking, Financial Services
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Why Do You Need Project Assistant?

Project Assistant team consists of resourceful, reliable, and enterprising individuals who have a vast experience in developing and integrating CRM solutions.

We have worked with various businesses and helped them achieve better customer information management through the optimum implementation of unique CRM systems. Project Assistant has its own dedicated Quality Assurance team for the support and maintenance of your CRM system. If you wish to learn more about how we have helped our clients, please refer to our CRM case studies.

Advantages Of Having A CRM Solution

  • Saves Time Increases Productivity
    Better customer interaction and streamlined processes.
  • Automated Processes Throughout
    Lead generation, client communication, and reporting, everything is automated.
  • Better Customer Data Management
    Effective and efficient communication with clients and customers because of centralized documentation and reporting.
  • Reports And In-Depth Analysis
    Better customer interaction and conversions because of custom CRM tools and plugins.
  • Optimized Lead Generation
    Automated lead generation process for better and reliable analysis and communication with prospective clients.
  • Data Security
    Central CRM system giving the freedom to authorize selective employees to access business and customer data.

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Our CRM framework will update, modernize, and restructure your business processes through automation, thereby improving your customer retention rates.

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