A dedicated IT Expert is someone who has all your preferred skill-set and will be working just for you on your preferred date and time following your work requirements.

All our IT Experts are physically located in the Philippines.

Our IT Experts who have undergone and passed rigorous assessment tests and interviews conducted by our HR Team are fluent in the English language, both verbal and written. You are assured that aside from their great communication skills, they have great comprehension skills as well.

Your hired IT Expert will be working as long as you require them to. Just let the IT Expert know in advance that you will have them work on your special preferred days and they will gladly oblige.

IT Experts will follow whatever their client’s timezone or preferred working schedule is. They always adjust and cope with their client’s needs and requirements.

The entire recruitment process can take 2-3 weeks or even less. It really all depends. There are factors that can affect how long it takes to hire an appropriate IT expert:

  • The complexity or rarity of the job experience or qualifications.
  • Incomplete job descriptions from clients that could result in a needless to and fro. The quicker a client is able to send a clear comprehensive job description, the faster we can usually find them a good virtual assistant.

Yes, we can pull from our internal team to do the task starting at $30/hour depending on the skill level of the required IT expert.

Once you are done with the discovery call with our Client Representative and have the job description ready, the HR team will now start sourcing the IT Expert that perfectly matches your skill requirements. The resume of these endorsed IT Expert’s will then be forwarded to your email for advance review of their professional experience and work accomplishments before conducting a final video call interview with them facilitated by our HR team.

Once you have made up your mind and finally decided who your hired IT Expert will be, we will proceed with the Onboarding process starting with a quick HR Orientation before the initial handoff to ensure a smooth working relationship with your hired VA.

Yes, we require the equivalent of 1 month of non-refundable operating cost for us to kick start the recruitment process. The Start-Up Fee which will be calculated based on the IT Expert employment term (Part or Full Time) is consumable and will cover the first month IT Expert and Management Fee. The Start-Up Fee however will only cover 1 round of recruitment. An additional $200 fee will be charged on your next invoice.

Yes, there is an 80-hour monthly minimum. This is required because we believe in providing job stability to our IT Experts ensuring long term tenure with the company.

Unconsumed hours will not be rolled over to the following month. We pay the IT Expert the full amount of their employment contract regardless if you use all your hours or not. The guaranteed hours will ensure full commitment of the IT expert to the company and the client.

If you foresee that you may need to add more hours for the month, you will need to send a request email to your Relationship Manager so he or she can check the availability of your IT expert. Additional hours will then be billed on your next billing cycle.

You can only choose from two employment terms which are Part Time at 80hrs/month or Full Time at 160hrs/month. We can make the necessary billing adjustment should you choose to modify your contract’s employment terms. However, there are factors that will have to be considered with the changes like for example if employing Part-Time, the IT expert should be amenable to shift to Full-Time employment or vice versa otherwise options will have to be discussed with our Client Representative for solutioning.

  1. Overage needs to be approved by the client and IT Expert should accept

Our virtual assistants use time-tracking software and send you a report at the end of each week showing how many hours were used and what was done in that time. You will also have access to a unique link to view your hours in real-time. The Relationship manager will also monitor the IT Experts productivity. If you use the entire package purchase before the end of the month and need more hours, the additional time will be added to your next month’s bill.

You will be billed 2 weeks prior to the next month’s contract cycle. Your monthly contract will commence from the IT Experts Onboarding date and 30 days thereafter. Invoices will be due at the start of the month cycle.

Yes, a 5% late payment fee of the total invoice will be charged on your next invoice. Should the invoice have not been settled 1 week into the contract month cycle, IT Expert will cease work and will resume only when payment has been made.

We offer a credit card and ACH option for payment. We send the invoice via email so we do not have any access to your secured information. Once paid, we send you a payment acknowledgement receipt via email and our Relationship Manager will give the go signal to the IT Expert to proceed with the tasks.

Yes, for our long-term contracts where you get entitled to certain discounts not offered to our month-to-month contract which you can cancel at any time. We do recommend that you use all of your hours and give us 30 days notice prior to ending the contract as once the plan is purchased there are no refunds on unused hours.