Create Your Own Browser Based Game with HTML5 Canvas

Games have long been loved for their high entertainment value and the social ties they create among players. As the world goes digital, they have found a new platform to challenge skills, creativity, and camaraderie.

Now that games are on our gadgets, they still live up to their true nature which is to be fun. Sometimes if you are alone, hungry, or sad, playing games can help overcome those negative emotions. Recent studies in psychology even suggest that video gaming improves cognitive skills, focus, and mood.

There are now a lot of games that you can play using a computer. Most of the computer games I used to play are all desktop-based. I particularly enjoyed Counter Strike, Need for Speed, and Red Alert because they’re played via a local area network.


With recent web advancements, there are now games that can be played using a web browser. You can now compete with anyone anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

These kinds of games are basically computer games played through a web browser. They are created using Javascript, PHP, or HTML5 (which I will discuss below). These are favorable to many users because of their low system requirements and portability across a variety of devices.

More than being able to play web browser games, the real thrill of this web advancement is being able to create your own game. You can structure your own puzzles, characters, and many other features that others may engage in and enjoy.

So, how are web browser based games built? One of the web technologies for that is HTML5 Canvas.


Just as an artist needs a canvas to create an artwork, so do game developers have HTML5 Canvas to create web content.

With HTML5 Canvas, you can draw graphics and animations, make photo compositions, and execute real time video processing or rendering via javascript.

Additionally, it is compatible with all major web browsers and ensures access in all kinds of devices.

Being able to create and design graphics and animations are important in developing a browser-based game. These elements are what gives interactivity, creativity, and life to the game.



To build a game using HTML5 Canvas, you must have sufficient knowledge and good background in Javascript. You can find many online tutorial about how to get started using HTML5 Canvas.

One of the sites I found in which I really like is W3 Schools because it contains well-documented and simple tutorials that are perfect for beginners.

Other websites offer free and premium membership so you can learn how to create a game using HTML 5 Canvas. One example of a great site is PlayCanvas. It’s an open source engine that allows beginners to easily pick up new skills with their transparent development process. It’s also useful to expert coders as it can help speed up the development process.

If you need ideas, these are some games that are built using HTML5 Canvas.

So what are you waiting for? Learn HTML5 canvas now and build your own game.

Mark Boribor

Mark is Project Assistant’s Web Developer. He turns his interest in problem solving and web development into quality outputs for the company. Just as any great developer has principles, so does Mark believe that in programming, cheating is learning.

When not busy coding, Mark can be seen enjoying the outdoors in his mountain bike or playing sepak takraw, and occasionally trying to convince us to tag along.