How To Become A Better Programmer

Stay Updated With New Tech

Nowadays,, new technologies are emerging faster than ever before. Most of them are useful for our chosen fields and it is up to us to decide when to grab the opportunity to improve. Some of us choose not to undertake new things because we fear the struggle. We have to eliminate this negative attitude towards work if we want to become a better programmer.

Currently, IT industries are growing exponentially and we need stay updated to cope with the latest trends because, in this field, you will be left behind fairly quickly. Some developmental approaches and programming languages have already been declared obsolete. Seek for knowledge, you’ll just be surprised what’s in store for you to discover.

Exercise Your Brain

We need to invest in ourselves, not just only physically and financially, but mentally too. Mental alertness plays a big part in whatever we do, especially for programmers like us. In order to cope with the information we have gained and to continually grow our knowledge base, indulging our minds in mental activities is a must.

You need to engage in activities that involve stimulation of the brain like playing chess, solving crossword puzzles and so on. You must not be contented to involve in such activities only during your spare time. Instead, you must make time for it. Our brain, just like our muscles, needs to be kept in shape by exercising so it grows and becomes firm.

Eliminate Procrastination

If you’re like many people who want to learn but can’t seem to even start, you may be practicing procrastination. The key to eliminating procrastination is to stop thinking and start moving. If you won’t even start just a little, it won’t be done. Even doing something small is a good start, the rest will just follow through.

Start Working On A Personal Project

Having a personal project is a great way to develop your coding skills and enhance your problem-solving capabilities. However, while working on your personal project, you should still focus on managing your priorities. If you have a job, you should prioritize that first as it is your source of income. This means your project may have to take the back seat and become more of a gradual learning process. Don’t be in a rush to complete it.

When you finish your project, it’s a huge achievement and will help you build up your self-esteem.  It’s a double gain, you have invested your time wisely and at the same time you enjoyed learning and creating something of your own in the process.

Don’t Close The Door On Room For Improvement

If you’re like some people that seek for improvement then don’t just stick to what you already know even if you can say you are adept. Let’s say, if you are proficient in using java as your programming language, don’t limit yourself with it, you must at least try and learn something new. Remember that programming is an evolving science with new methods and technology arising each year. If you want to succeed and be a better programmer or even a guru, you can’t afford to be left behind.

Bryneel Timbas

Bryneel is our Frontend Web Developer with a special skill in playing the guitar. When not trying to serenade, Bryneel is busy searching for his heartstrings in inspirational books and solving Pyramid Rubik’s cube which got the rest of us solving, too.

He’s also fond of watching movies, TV series, and animes just as much as he’s interested in new tech stuff, gadgets, and trends in web development.