MVC Frameworks: Why are they so popular?

Creating a Web design project isn’t that easy. It involves a lot of imagination, creativity and a good feeling of how to design and coding work together. Of course dedication, hard work, patience, loving and embracing the work will also bring us to success. At first it is really difficult knowing how to manage projects and make them more appealing to the target audience, not only in terms of design but also on how fast your program responds. Bigger projects often result in us writing a vast amount of code and this can be very time consuming. Even worse, long lines of code make it difficult to read through and find bugs. But of course, it’s in situations like these where people being to create solutions to problems that streamline processes and help a lot of developers and businesses. This is exactly how MVC frameworks came to be.

What are MVC Frameworks?

MVC frameworks are designed to make programming easier by dividing an application into three major components: model, view and controller. These components each cover different aspects of development. Nowadays, using the MVC framework instead of the old school ways of coding has become a standard with many development companies and IT professionals around the world. Why? Simplicity. MVC framework helps developers create logical, clean, easy-to-read code. It is also easier to maintain and allows time spent coding to be cut down significantly.

MVC stands for Model View Controller

Model – maintains data

View – displays data

Controller – controls the events

What’s good about using a MVC frameworks is that they are a great programming tool for making projects if you’re working with a team. Frameworks allow you to all have the same coding standards and approaches which result in uniformity, making your work easier to maintain. MVC frameworks are efficient, secured and have built-in functions which you can use. It also uses the Object Oriented Programming concept and provides you with reusable codes.

First Things First: What you need to know before using MVC Frameworks.

There are a lot of good frameworks available out there that can help you and your business when it comes to creating projects. But if you are a beginner in the world of programming, I recommend that you must first learn basic programming languages like PHP, Ruby, Swift, Python and Javascript. There are even more that will help you get started.

Now, if you are wondering why you should first learn any of that stuff, it is because frameworks are created in different kinds of programming languages. Learning the basics first can help you speed up your understand of the concepts on how to use a frameworks . Frameworks have a different kinds of approaches, so choose a framework that best fits your knowledge and expertise.

Here is some examples of popular frameworks you can try.







It’s up to you to choose what you think is the best for you depending on your experience and how comfortable you are. Opening the door to the world of frameworks will not only streamline your coding and allow you to save time, it also broadens your knowledge and helps you plan better when creating future project. MVC frameworks change the way you look at tackling a project and what approach you might take.

Dane Vincent Painaga