Presentation is Key: CSS

Over the years, the internet has become a vehicle for revenue generation – used to increase exposure to a larger number of people creating a larger customer base, enabling businesses to generate revenue. It is no wonder why many businesses want to join the E-commerce community. Advertising and Affiliate marketing has never been easier. Sure, there’s still TV and Outdoor Advertising but as of today, 3.17 billion people in the world have access to the internet. So why not use that to your advantage?

Content is King, everybody knows that, but like they say, first impressions count. It’s what makes the Web visitor decide whether or not to continue scanning your site. If your content presentation looks boring and unprofessional, well good luck with persuading that visitor to come back. So what if you have great ideas, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to present them properly. One of the advantages of using the internet is the power to bring out the best in your ideas. The best in your presentations. To better advertise the quality of your product or your ideals.

Since HTML can only give us very little in the way of interesting presentational abilities, it limits the potential of showing more than what we expect it to. And that’s where CSS comes in. But first what is CSS?

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language.

In other words, it’s that one file in the internet that can change the appearance of hundreds of Web pages. Not only will you be able to deliver your content professionally and presentably, it also helps your web developers in organizing well-structured, uncluttered documents. Don’t you think CSS is just cool?

Here are some advantages of using CSS:

  1. Consistency. The changes to make your style consistent within all your other web pages is now made easier and more organize. The bigger your site is, the more time CSS saves you.
  2. File Size. When CSS separates your site’s content from its design language, you are already reducing the file transfer size of your document. In turn when visitors visit your site, the browser downloads one css file and re-uses it for different pages of your site reducing the bandwidth requirements of your server.
  3. Search Engines. With CSS as a separate file, it will leave your website with more content than code which helps the search engines “read” the content more easily.

So while visitors are reading your content, they’re also taking in the images, typography, styling and the Web design. They’ll leave not just knowing your site, but about you as well.

And here at Project Assistant, we take pride in creating what’s best for your site. How to present it professionally but creatively at the same time. You want style? We can give you style. Visuals and Illustration, we have that here. Our team is dedicated to make your Content King and your Presentation Key to success. Just like what one of the many designers that I look up to says:

“Design is that competitive advantage that sets a company apart in the global market. Within the global economy, the highest performing companies see design as a strategic asset. It becomes the core to their business. For those companies, design is more than aesthetics-it’s competitive intellectual property.” – Monika Conway

Johannah Miranda

Johannah is a Web Developer-turned-Project Manager at Project Assistant. She brings in the sunshine for the night-shift and can turn up the hype in the office with her antics and laughter.

During her lunch breaks, she loves to read ebooks on her phone, catch up on animes, tv dramas and movie trailers on youtube. She loves take-out/delivery and believes that food that smells good, taste even better….and she passionately hates zombies.