Parallax Scrolling: Latest Web Development Trend

Ever since the launch of Twitter in 2006, the word #trending has become the new “it-talk” of the century. The cyber world of social media has been brought up to a whole new level. Today, if you want to know the latest and hottest topics of talk you can just check it out on Twitter. But twitter trends are not only limited to what’s hot with celebrities, fashion statements and moods, because in the world of web design, the new trend today is Parallax Scrolling.

So what is Parallax Scrolling?

Parallax Scrolling is a technique in computer graphics and web design, where background images move by the camera slower than foreground images, creating an illusion of depth in a 2D scene and adding to the immersion.

So rather than the user clicking a link to go to each page of the website, parallax scrolling allows them to view the entire website in one seamless document. By scrolling up and down on the same page, the visitor experiences the entire website.

And this phenomenon is making a statement today because it brings the user experience to a whole new interactive level of online viewing. With web designers and developers constantly exploring new ways to make their web presence more appealing to their sites’ visitors through engaging visuals and functionality, parallax scrolling has taken hold as the new frontier of user experience.

As with every web design choice, there are pros and cons to implementing parallax scrolling.

Pros to Parallax Scrolling:

  1. Take a storytelling approach to guide visitors through the entire page.
  2. Guide your visitors’ line of site.
  3. Visitor engagement.
  4. Lead your visitors to your Call-to-Action (CTA).
  5. Storing all your content in one page.
  6. Provoke curiosity.

Cons to Parallax Scrolling:

  1. Page load times.
  2. Not compatible with responsive and mobile design.
  3. Search Engine Optimization.

But don’t let these cons discourage you. Where there’s a will there’s a way. At Project Assistant, we love finding ways to solve these cons. We can give you suggestions on how to make your site interactive and engaging at the same time. Speak your mind, tell us your idea and we’ll find a solution to help you improve your website and create a campaign for more visitors.

Johannah Miranda

Johannah is a Web Developer-turned-Project Manager at Project Assistant. She brings in the sunshine for the night-shift and can turn up the hype in the office with her antics and laughter.

During her lunch breaks, she loves to read ebooks on her phone, catch up on animes, tv dramas and movie trailers on youtube. She loves take-out/delivery and believes that food that smells good, taste even better….and she passionately hates zombies.