Beautiful Iloilo

Beautiful Iloilo is a passion project by Project Assistant and BluQube, Inc. This community site aims to promote Iloilo City as a major tourist destination in the Philippines.

The concept of Beautiful Iloilo arose from the desire to showcase our abilities while giving back to a community that has given us so much. Iloilo provided our companies with amazing teams we consider family and a place we call home. Between Project Assistant and BluQube, we’ve filled our cup with pure talent and it’s overflowing into Beautiful Iloilo.


This project gave Project Assistant a chance to be over-the-top creative. The site is buzzing with life! We focused on delivering full on visual impact as soon as you hit the homepage with a parallax video banner that will kickstart your excitement.

The site showcases stunning imagery of the city and scenic destinations nearby. The photos give visitors a glimpse of the city through the eyes of locals. The photos capture amazing angles of the city that even make locals want to explore Iloilo more.

As for the overall theme of the site, we kept things clean and quirky. We focused on creating a free flowing use interface that was easy to navigate and wouldn’t take away attention from the imagery on the site. Overall, the Beautiful Iloilo website balances good looks with great functionality.

Project Assistant and BluQube’s Web Design and Development teams worked together to produce an Interactive Map of Iloilo featuring the city’s hidden gems, businesses and places we think people ought to see to maximize their Iloilo experience.

The Media Center page has three video categories. In The Spotlight features local food establishments, Everyone Loves Iloilo gives insights about the city from a foreigner’s perspective and Marka-Bao shows segments from our own version of “Cash Cab” in Iloilo.

The site is also home to a blog filled with content from Ilonggo contributors. See the stories behind this humble city through the eyes of the people who know it best. Beautiful Iloilo has become a platform for locals to share what they love about Iloilo.

Through a series of social media campaigns and local brand activation, the site gained attention and a number of people registered as members of the Beautiful Iloilo community. We wanted the site to be a stage for all things Ilonggo!

  • Homepage Video Banner
  • Custom Responsive Design
  • Members Portal
  • Community Blog
  • Interactive Map
  • Media Center


Media Center


Interactive Map