Bryneel Timbas
Bryneel is our Frontend Web Developer with a special skill in playing the guitar. When not trying to serenade, Bryneel is busy searching for his heartstrings in inspirational books and solving Pyramid Rubik’s cube which got the rest of us solving, too.

He’s also fond of watching movies, TV series, and animes just as much as he’s interested in new tech stuff, gadgets, and trends in web development.


Important Factors for Optimizing Website Pagespeed

Page speed refers to the length of time at which website pages and media contents are being downloaded from the web servers and rendered onto the users’ web browser. How important is it for a website to load faster? A web page that loads anything slower than 400 milliseconds is already considere ...

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How To Become A Better Programmer

Stay Updated With New Tech Nowadays,, new technologies are emerging faster than ever before. Most of them are useful for our chosen fields and it is up to us to decide when to grab the opportunity to improve. Some of us choose not to undertake new things because we fear the struggle. We have to eli ...

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