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SpoolTek Lures was formed by Dave Justice, a legendary fisherman and industry expert, and his friend Chris Walsh, a medical device executive with multiple patents to his name. These two passionate fishing enthusiasts came up with the idea for the SpoolTek lure while discussing common issues encountered with swimbaits and hooking large fish. Dave’s years of experience and Chris’s background in inventions led to the creation of one of the best swimbaits in the business.


SpoolTek Lures subscribes to the highest level of customer service and are adamant that the dialogue between customer and company is as strong as possible. They came to Project Assistant to revamp their website and create a user experience that hooked customers and reeled in sales as well as their lures did.

Project Assistant took over SpoolTek’s website from another firm and we got straight to work redesigning and tweaking the site. Fishermen love the action of hooking a fish so we decided to add some action to the homepage. We made things a little more interesting by converting the banner to a full width video to catch attention and give site visitors a quick glimpse at how the lures work. It’s definitely more engaging than your usual photo slider or blocks of text.

The product page has a completely new look that’s clean, organized and displays everything you need to know about the different lures. We created configurable products which were based in each item’s different attributes. This way customers could see and select all their options for a specific product like size or color on a single product page. This also allowed for easier inventory management.

We fine tuned the rest of the site and made sure everything was rigged and working just as it should. Other site features include a dealer locator, gallery, fishing techniques, FAQ and contact page. We look forward to continue helping SpoolTek maintain their site as their business grows and they make a name for themselves in the world of fishing.

  • Product Page Redesign
  • Configurable Products
  • Homepage Video Banner
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance


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